East Spokane Parking & Business Improvement Area

The East Spokane Parking & Business Improvement Area (PBIA) has been a positive force in improving East Sprague as a safe and economically vital neighborhood for businesses, residents, and visitors. PBIA will take our recent streetscape improvements and continue to maintain our unique streetscape and walkable streets based on the Main Street model, beautification, and branding. A parking and business improvement area (PBIA) is a special assessment district established to maintain and enhance a business district, building a positive reputation that attracts businesses, employees, and visitors. Designed as a self-help mechanism, property owners come together to fund programs that create a consistent and inviting environment. The Sprague Union District PBIA is the primary funding vehicle for community and economic development, including cleaning, branding, and beautification.

CLEAN & GREEN efforts including district cleanliness, graffiti, removal, trash collection, and landscaping.

NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFICATION including signage, street tree maintenance, decorative lighting, and streetscape amenities.

DISTRICT BRANDING & MARKETING including promotion, advertising, website maintenance, and event assistance.

SAFETY & SECURITY including advocacy for increased patrols, crime prevention through design, exploration of security measures, and services.

LOCAL CONTROL – A district ratepayer board made up of East Sprague ratepayers that guides all elements of the BID program.

ADMINISTRATION to manage contracting, volunteer coordination and reporting.

CONTINGENCY RESERVE for unanticipated events or district maintenance needs.

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The Board will meet at a minimum on a quarterly basis. The Board currently meets 12:00pm – 1:30pm on the third Wednesday of every month at the Sprague Union Terrace (Community Room) located at 1420 E Sprague Avenue.